DeHive: A Promising Solution To Reduce Your Crypto Portfolio Management Risks!


There are 12000+ cryptocurrency tokens and coins listed on Coinmarketcap alone. DeFi (decentralized Finance) has changed the digital world drastically. You want to invest in all promising cryptocurrencies, coins, tokens, ICOs, IEOs, crypto-mining, staking, lending, NFTs, etc., but find it challenging and risky to manage a multi-asset portfolio. DeHiveseems to be a promising alternative to reduce cryptocurrency portfolio management risks.

Problems & Risk Associated with Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

Investing in crypto may yield an exceptional return on investment (ROI). At the same you risk losing all your hard-earned money in a fraction of seconds. There are multiple problems and risks associated with crypto portfolio management, risks and issues, such as:

  • The biggest problem that users face is that most crypto portfolio management solutions are complex and are not easy to use.
  • Using a centralized solution may not guarantee complete control over your funds
  • Some of the security issues associated with a crypto portfolio management tool are phishing, broken authentication, etc.
  • Most importantly, you risk losing all your crypto assets if the volatility, high slippage, and other risks are not mitigated.

How DeHive Promises to Address Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Risks

Design Simplicity: DeHive allows users to create a balanced basket of portfolios based on the user’s desired allocation. It off loads the burgden of manual portfolio balancing.

Capability to restrict flow of funds: Users have full control over depositing or redeeming their crypto assets aytime, any amount.

Asset Security: DeHive is said to be safe from swap or liquidity pool arbitrage and the platform is audited by a team of internal auditors.

Risk Management: The whitepaper suggests that DeHive platform does not leverages AMM-like elements such as srbitrage, swap, etc., minimizing the risks of prive volatility.

Final words

Users can go through DeHive White Paper to know more about the project, roadmap, partnerships, etc. or DeHive Website to know more about their recent plans, launches, recent audits by Zokyo.

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