QUESTION: Can I raise a  FIVERR gig without discussing with you?

ANSWER: Please message me before raising a gig, and please do NOT raise a gig directly. This will help me better understand the requirements and avoid any misunderstanding later.

QUESTION: Who owns the content written by you?

ANSWER: As I am just ghostwriting, rest assured about the confidentiality. The content is your IP (Intellectual Property ) and is owned by you (You are the owner). You can take 100% credit for this blog post and claim it as your own.

QUESTION: Why should you hire me?

ANSWER: Hire me:

[1] If you want the writer to understand your requirements and work hand-in-hand till you’re satisfied.

[2] If you need an article well-suited to the language of your target audience, e.g.: – CEO/ CIO/ CISO – Technology professionals – Target customers of your products/ services

QUESTION: What is the optimum word size I should go for an article?

ANSWER: Generally, I can write small posts in 500-600 words, but for comprehensive coverage, I would suggest going for a minimum of 1000 words. If you’re writing it from an SEO perspective, I’d suggest going for a long-form 1500-2000 words article.

Generally, I can write small eBooks/ eBooklets in 3000-4000 words, but for comprehensive coverage, I would suggest going for a minimum of 9000 words. However, most of my clients go for 8-9 chapters and that comes closer to 14000-15000 words per eBook.

QUESTION: What do you need to provide me to start with?

ANSWER: You need to provide me with the following:

1. A topic/ subject that you want me to write on

2. Number of words (e.g., 1000, 1500, 2000, etc.)

3. Who is your target audience (it will help me customize the tone and language used in the article)

4. Keywords (if you want the article to be SEO optimized)

QUESTION: How does the entire process work?

ANSWER: The process is simple:

1. We discuss and agree on a topic, # of words, timelines, gig price, etc.

2. Either you or I can raise the gig based on the above agreement.

3. I’ll try to deliver the first DRAFT much earlier than the final due date for your feedback.

4. I’ll incorporate the feedback and deliver the final work.

QUESTION: I want you to ghostwrite an eBook for me but I am not sure what all the chapters would be?

ANSWER: No worries, just let me know a topic and I can share a table of content with you. Once we both agree on the number of chapters in the eBook, the number of words in the eBook, etc., I’ll proceed to raise the gig after discussing this with you.

ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS: You May Reach Out to Me Directly on FIVERR !